MixPad 3.2

Mix audio from different tracks into a single file
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MixPad allows mixing audio from different tracks into a single file. You can add audio from mp3 files, CDs, or even record something (MIDI, ASIO, and MME devices are supported) with the advantage of being able to edit and control the volume, pan, fade, and add other effects to each track individually. Once you have finished editing your tracks, you can save the output file in one of the 14 different audio formats supported: wav, wma, mp3, aac, m4a, and more. Each track includes its own waveform visualization window, so you can place the cursor on any position or select a segment to trim, copy, or edit. One interesting feature to highlight is that you can load not only audio but also video into a track and combine it with other audio tracks.

It is important to mention that the program comes in two versions: one with unlimited tracks and VST plug-in support, and another at a lower price but limited to 16 tracks and without VST support. The rest of the features are included in both versions.

In short, the program has all the required features to create mixed audio tracks for a reasonable price. Additionally, the installation package offers extra tools such as an audio converter, several effects, etc..

Roberto Jimenez
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  • Supports MIDI playback, editing, and recording
  • Supports VST plug-ins as well as ASIO, DirectSound and MME devices
  • Comes with good audio effects
  • Allows you to load video clips


  • If you select an effect, it is applied to the entire track and not to a portion of it. There's no way to apply effects to clips
  • You cannot undo an effect once it is applied
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